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Splash Screen [MIT AI2]

Download Necessary folders/files can be downloaded from here. Splash Screen If you’ve made an app and then realized that you […]

Holo and Material Theme on MIT AI2 Companion

See how your app would look like with Holo or Material Theme in MIT AI2 Companion.. The sad thing is […]

Disabling the hardware menu button [MIT AI2]

After Toni provided his solution for Disabling the hardware menu button, doing it with Apk Modder will be far easier. […]

Theme Material [MIT AI2]

Thanks for the hint Benjamin, that it was possible to have Theme.Material with App Inventor. In order to get Theme.Material […]

Sidebar – Side Menu [MIT AI2]

Using AppToMarket 4.1 and Screen2 in your project you can achieve this. Let us begin by making Screen1 and Screen2 […]