Holo and Material Theme on MIT AI2 Companion

See how your app would look like with Holo or Material Theme in MIT AI2 Companion..

The sad thing is when you build your app, you get the old theme, you will then have to go through the procedure in the link below as well as some additional files to make it look as when you tested with Companion.

And then there’s a couple of things I can not control directly with theme yet.

Note: this is just for testing and to see if it’s possible, so if you want to try you do so at your own risk..

Based on Light Theme, API Dependent, Old Theme -10, Holo +11, Material +21.

Theme Material [MIT AI2] with AppToMarket

Download MIT AI2 Companion_New_zipAlign.apk v2.39
Additional files Res-Slider-Dialog.zip
Latest Framework file I used 1.apk


    • Aniket on August 12, 2017 at 11:14 pm
    • Reply

    Actually i want to talk about web viewer. i set home url of web viewer to the value got from firebase tag . then i set value of firebase to the add. of any web. but the webpage is not opening or showing tn thw app.

    1. You will get more professional answer if you post your question in MIT App Inventor Support Forum

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