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How to lowercase font in View Pager and Tab Layout tabs?

It has been asked in the community on how to lowercase the tabs text. However, to make this work you have to be comfortable in decompiling and recompiling back to apk.. Steps to follow. Decompile Go to ..\AppName\res\values folder Open styles.xml file with a text editor (I prefer using Notepad++) Find (see below, row  1548) …

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Slider Component [MIT AI2]

As you may have noticed when you use the Slider Component between 0 and 100 it works properly, each step increases or decreases by one, but if you increase the MaxValue above 100 you get numbers with commas, e.g. MaxValue 101 you get 1.01 for each step MaxValue 255 you get 2.55 for each step …

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Holo and Material Theme on MIT AI2 Companion

See how your app would look like with Holo or Material Theme in MIT AI2 Companion.. The sad thing is when you build your app, you get the old theme, you will then have to go through the procedure in the link below as well as some additional files to make it look as when …

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Disabling the hardware menu button [MIT AI2]

Possibility to completely remove option Menu.
Unchecking the Title Visible just hides Actionbar and Menu but doesn’t disable it. If there is any hardware Menu button on the phone it still shows option Menu after unchecking Title Visibly.

Theme Material [MIT AI2]

Thanks for the hint Benjamin, that it was possible to have Theme.Material with App Inventor. In order to get Theme.Material working with App Inventor your device must support it by having Lollipop. Designer Properties of Screen1 Sizing: Responsive ShowStatusBar: Checked TitleVisible: Checked We will control StatusBar and Title with the respective application. Made with AppToMarket …

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Sidebar – Side Menu [MIT AI2]

Using AppToMarket 4.1 and Screen2 in your project you can achieve this. Let us begin by making Screen1 and Screen2 that we will use as sidebar or side menu. Screen1 Designer: ShowStatusBar: Checked TitleVisible: Checked Sizing: I prefer responsive before fixed Screen2 Designer: BackgroundColor: None BackgroundImage: None CloseScreenAnimation: None OpenScreenAnimation: None ShowStatusBar: Checked TitleVisible: Checked …

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